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New commission | les Paul gibson

Working on a dream | acrylic on board | 8 X 10 | sold Commission of the classically stylish guitar, Gibson gold top. As show boated by #slash from #gunsnroses over the years. Enjoyed this one. In other news I’ve been asked to appear at Sale arts trial on November the 27th 2016. Sale is […]


Another capture of Manchester life. Victoria station. I like the light in this painting, especially the train track nearest to the people. Not sure what to title it yet?

The dusk dies down on Peter Street.

I’ve been on a mission to capture the heart of Manchester as I see it. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to expand your style. I’m trying to adopt a more expressionist method but it doesn’t seem to be happening. However,  I am happy with the above piece.. Very cool. Reminds me of a […]

Be light on your feet.

“Keep your cool”.

I play a lot myself. Thought it was about time I tried to capture a shot or two on canvas..I’m quite pleased with the outcome. This literally took 15 minute to paint. currently on ebay