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Northern Exposure : limited edition prints

AC Gallery AC Gallery, Huddersfield, West Yorks. U.K. Limited edition prints, signed & numbered, from the northern exposure body of work. Get in touch with the gallery in person or by internet. I’m currently working on a series of small works, based around familiar themes. I’m struggling with my website at the moment & unable […]

New commission | les Paul gibson

Working on a dream | acrylic on board | 8 X 10 | sold Commission of the classically stylish guitar, Gibson gold top. As show boated by #slash from #gunsnroses over the years. Enjoyed this one. In other news I’ve been asked to appear at Sale arts trial on November the 27th 2016. Sale is […]

New body of works

I’m working on 3 different collections. A day in the life : still life work like this acrylic here. Shipping forecast : pen & inks of the shipping forecast. Songbird : works based around northern songbirds & their little lives that they lead.

Holmfirth Art Week 2015

Starts 6th July. I’ll be showcasing 8 oils at a charming little Interior Boutique  called Lost & Found The owner has decided to open an original art room, so I’m going to be the sacrificial lamb. There’ll be 4 pieces from the Way of the Pennine’s collection & 4 new pieces from Tales of the […]

love letters from the delph donkey

  The world was on fire & no one could save me but you. From the upcoming collection; ‘love letters from the delph donkey.’ Oil on board. 16″ x 20″ I can only re-interpret the odyssey of my life and no more, Right now, the more I give, the more I receive. I am in […]

More commissions : Campervan

  Somewhere a songbird sings oil on canvas This is for the camper van folk out there.

be careful what you wish for

Be Careful What you Wish for £200 This is another piece from my up coming collection; ‘to have & have not’. I really enjoyed painting this. The model used in the composition is from Sweden. I’ve just returned from holiday and have some catching up to do. I am working on 3 separate collections as […]

just a snapshot of a new work

this is going to be an extended body of work. i like the subject. this is the shape of things to come in 2014. title ; ‘every breathe that was in your lungs, was a tiny little gift to me’ sold I’ll create a collections link shortly. As there are more of this style & […]

new collection in the making

  Title ; When I wave to you, with the arms of a Mountain. This new body of work will be based around endings and new beginnings. Lost love and discovery. Live by the sword. This is the collection I will be remembered for. Keep an eye out over the next few months. All enquiries […]

Art Show in York, October 4th, 5th & 6th

                  I’ll be here, exhibiting for 3 days straight. It’s never been attempted before so I’m praying to Nine Muses of Greek mythology that they send many people our way. 40 artists sharing this historic building, to show people of the north, what is happening in the […]

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