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Postcard from the North

Postcard from the north Mixed media on board | 20 X 10 | £270 I have lots going on this year. Keep an eye on the ‘dates’ section of this website. More news in the next week or so.

Terraces & Yards : New body of Work

My new body of work for Spring. 10 different oils on board, 10″ x 8″ Terraced backyards, back ally ways, cobbled streets, abandoned wheelie bins. These are all works of art in their own little way. I’ll just compose them onto a 10″ x 8″ board. Keep your eyes on the site. I’m also now […]

recent commission

    This is a commission from a chap who wanted to remember his late Grandfather. It’s Shaw, Black Ladd position. Looking across Greater Manchester. A good challenge, I enjoyed it. Title; When I look Around, I see you everywhere.  

new collection in the making

  Title ; When I wave to you, with the arms of a Mountain. This new body of work will be based around endings and new beginnings. Lost love and discovery. Live by the sword. This is the collection I will be remembered for. Keep an eye out over the next few months. All enquiries […]

Nearly finished new collection.

Title ; Nine Fearless Queens. 10″ x 14″ One of many oils amongst my new body of work; Northern Grit. York Art Fair was a success.  Next up is Holmfirth on November 23rd & 24th.     

Art Show in York, October 4th, 5th & 6th

                  I’ll be here, exhibiting for 3 days straight. It’s never been attempted before so I’m praying to Nine Muses of Greek mythology that they send many people our way. 40 artists sharing this historic building, to show people of the north, what is happening in the […]

Taken by the Trees

Shaw, Dunwood Park. I play tennis here, i walk the dog thru this wood. It’s nice, especially as the sun goes down, this lonely terrace of cottages is the only residence in the park. I like that.

Funeral for a horse

              Part of a new body of work — horses. Funeral for a horse, Crompton Moor.    

Watch what you say on the Streets of Manchester..

Title; ‘Watch what you say on the streets of Manchester..they could be listening.’ 2012. Another new piece from my winter collection, all about darkness, closing days & light in bouncing off the cold cold pavements.

Piccadilliy Tower was Shining like a National Guitar

The beginning of a new-ish collection; Winter & the darkness. ‘Title ‘Piccadilliy Tower was shining like a national guitar.’ Looks fantastic framed up. If you were stood outside the Frog & Bucket, Manchester Nr Qtr & you were to look down Oldham St, this is the view.

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