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new addition to north by northwest

latest piece for the north by northwest body of work, which you can browse, by clicking the collection link. ‘some men walk the streets at night other men who got the lockdown are free as bird in flight‘ ~rancid, out come the wolves

manchester, in the dark & in the wet.

‘Manchester is so dark, but there is light inside & we watched it richochet off high st.’ 2012

Blues & Yellows Danced across the wet floor

Latest oil of the new collection. I’m enjoying it. It is a anonymous street I forget the name of, just off market street & cross sreet Manchester. title; ‘blues & yellows danced across the wet floor, while we looked for cover in Manchester’.

Another Golcar painting. West Yorks, Huddersfield.

Another Golcar painting. oil on canvas.

In Oldham, the Skies dance on the face of the hills.

This is one of the first pieces of my new body of work. The subject is simple — Oldham — the town i live in and the characters that make it. That might be the landscape, the buildings and the people. My first idea was to name the collection; “The Seven Wonders of Oldham”. However, […]