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Postcard from the North

Postcard from the north Mixed media on board | 20 X 10 | £270 I have lots going on this year. Keep an eye on the ‘dates’ section of this website. More news in the next week or so.

New commission | les Paul gibson

Working on a dream | acrylic on board | 8 X 10 | sold Commission of the classically stylish guitar, Gibson gold top. As show boated by #slash from #gunsnroses over the years. Enjoyed this one. In other news I’ve been asked to appear at Sale arts trial on November the 27th 2016. Sale is […]

More commissions : Campervan

  Somewhere a songbird sings oil on canvas This is for the camper van folk out there.

recent commission

    This is a commission from a chap who wanted to remember his late Grandfather. It’s Shaw, Black Ladd position. Looking across Greater Manchester. A good challenge, I enjoyed it. Title; When I look Around, I see you everywhere.  

be careful what you wish for

Be Careful What you Wish for £200 This is another piece from my up coming collection; ‘to have & have not’. I really enjoyed painting this. The model used in the composition is from Sweden. I’ve just returned from holiday and have some catching up to do. I am working on 3 separate collections as […]

new collection in the making

  Title ; When I wave to you, with the arms of a Mountain. This new body of work will be based around endings and new beginnings. Lost love and discovery. Live by the sword. This is the collection I will be remembered for. Keep an eye out over the next few months. All enquiries […]

Nearly finished new collection.

Title ; Nine Fearless Queens. 10″ x 14″ One of many oils amongst my new body of work; Northern Grit. York Art Fair was a success.  Next up is Holmfirth on November 23rd & 24th.     

Watch what you say on the Streets of Manchester..

Title; ‘Watch what you say on the streets of Manchester..they could be listening.’ 2012. Another new piece from my winter collection, all about darkness, closing days & light in bouncing off the cold cold pavements.

new oil, title

Title; ‘the last moments of dovestone’s light, sails took their breathe & the mist would become dark night’. 2012. Another composition, taken from notes & photographs. Again, Dovestones, Greenfield. Really happy with how this turned out, only took me 45 minutes.

Blues & Yellows Danced across the wet floor

Latest oil of the new collection. I’m enjoying it. It is a anonymous street I forget the name of, just off market street & cross sreet Manchester. title; ‘blues & yellows danced across the wet floor, while we looked for cover in Manchester’.

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