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New commission | les Paul gibson

Working on a dream | acrylic on board | 8 X 10 | sold Commission of the classically stylish guitar, Gibson gold top. As show boated by #slash from #gunsnroses over the years. Enjoyed this one. In other news I’ve been asked to appear at Sale arts trial on November the 27th 2016. Sale is […]

new addition to north by northwest

latest piece for the north by northwest body of work, which you can browse, by clicking the collection link. ‘some men walk the streets at night other men who got the lockdown are free as bird in flight‘ ~rancid, out come the wolves

love letters from the delph donkey

  The world was on fire & no one could save me but you. From the upcoming collection; ‘love letters from the delph donkey.’ Oil on board. 16″ x 20″ I can only re-interpret the odyssey of my life and no more, Right now, the more I give, the more I receive. I am in […]

life to you is a dashing bold adventure

  This is a quick doodle I did today. Life to you is a dashing bold adventure.  In other news. I’ll be adding two new collections very soon. Keep checking back.

When the Ace is high..

  When the Ace is High, keep your head low. Oil on canvas 10″ x 12″ £200 This is the beginning of a new collection. A deck of cards is a metaphor for life. I’m going to explore that. I love it. Sometimes, in my life I feel I’ve been handed a Royal you […]

recent commission

    This is a commission from a chap who wanted to remember his late Grandfather. It’s Shaw, Black Ladd position. Looking across Greater Manchester. A good challenge, I enjoyed it. Title; When I look Around, I see you everywhere.  

Nearly finished new collection.

Title ; Nine Fearless Queens. 10″ x 14″ One of many oils amongst my new body of work; Northern Grit. York Art Fair was a success.  Next up is Holmfirth on November 23rd & 24th.     

There’s danger on the edge of town.

  One of the pieces from a soon to be unveiled collection. How can I not document the wildlife around me. Some of the most elusive of animals are the greatest of silohette’s.

Taken by the Trees

Shaw, Dunwood Park. I play tennis here, i walk the dog thru this wood. It’s nice, especially as the sun goes down, this lonely terrace of cottages is the only residence in the park. I like that.

Funeral for a horse

              Part of a new body of work — horses. Funeral for a horse, Crompton Moor.    

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