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Shipping forecast in ink 2016

Shipping forecast Adventure, uncertainty, bleak. That’s how it is when you’re aboard a small vessel in the North Atlantic. £100 each. Pen / ink. I’ve done about 10 so far. Will upload the rest soon.

love letters from the delph donkey

  The world was on fire & no one could save me but you. From the upcoming collection; ‘love letters from the delph donkey.’ Oil on board. 16″ x 20″ I can only re-interpret the odyssey of my life and no more, Right now, the more I give, the more I receive. I am in […]

More commissions : Campervan

  Somewhere a songbird sings oil on canvas This is for the camper van folk out there.

just a snapshot of a new work

this is going to be an extended body of work. i like the subject. this is the shape of things to come in 2014. title ; ‘every breathe that was in your lungs, was a tiny little gift to me’ sold I’ll create a collections link shortly. As there are more of this style & […]

new collection in the making

  Title ; When I wave to you, with the arms of a Mountain. This new body of work will be based around endings and new beginnings. Lost love and discovery. Live by the sword. This is the collection I will be remembered for. Keep an eye out over the next few months. All enquiries […]

Taken by the Trees

Shaw, Dunwood Park. I play tennis here, i walk the dog thru this wood. It’s nice, especially as the sun goes down, this lonely terrace of cottages is the only residence in the park. I like that.

Funeral for a horse

              Part of a new body of work — horses. Funeral for a horse, Crompton Moor.    

pen & ink doodle, Manchester II

pen & ink doodle, of Manchester 2011

Northern Qtr, Manchester. Sirens echo in the distance. Piccadiliy tower on the horizon.

Beating every man & his dog, in Whitby.

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