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Into the Wild 2013

And then I heard it. It was the call of a fox in the valley, that little howl of feral yearning, the distillation of all the wildness, savagery and horror of the night, a call that thrills your very blood — and drives (domestic) dogs bonkers. It’s the call of the wild and it makes the dogs feel guilty of a moral dereliction as they slumber on by the rug fire. It reminds them of the way they should be — not consorting with cats, slurping dog food and biscuits for breakfast, and walking to heel on the end of a lead.

‘Come to me’, the fox calls, ‘this is how life should be lived racing through the woods on starlit nights, massacring runs of obese hens, delighting in their cries of terror.’

~Chris Stewart; A Parrot in a Pepper Tree