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Coast to Coast 2012

North East by South West

I GREW UP WITH AN ATLAS. And as a child of the atlas, I had never travelled. The fact that my Uncle had biro penned his route across America on that same atlas, felt unimaginable.

There were places & names that fascinated me beyond belief; Los Angeles, Montevideo & Shanghai for instance — who lived there, what were they doing? There was however, this one place on the Atlas not relatively far from home [inactual fact it was about 6 hours in a small turbo diesel] that always drew my attention was; ‘Land’s End’, Cornwall. It is on the very edge of the United Kingdom, surrounded by the wild Atlantic Ocean.

All my life I’ve wondered about ‘Land’s end’. Whenever I’ve been stuck in traffic, or in a meeting, or waking up to a drizzly depressing day, I’d daydream about big blue seascapes & endless skies, my mind gravitates to who aptly named this part of Cornwall, ‘Land’s End’ & what is there, there?

Forward on 34 years & with a couple of friends we took to the road. Just to see it. We actually stayed in St Ives which was relentless in its visual gifts to the innocent bystander. It was the beginning of a whole new subject for me — the British Coastline.

There is only a small collection of oils on this page, but bear with me. It will grow.