Paul Browne Art

The online portfolio of a Northern Artist

How to buy & FAQ

1. How do I buy your artwork?

Have a browse thru my collections on the right handside of the page. Click the image/painting you like.

The price / availability & size are alongside the title.

You then contact me via email & in subject jot something obvious like art enquiry.

2. How do I pay for it?

In person / bank transfer / cheque / cash /paypal

You can collect or I can ship it out to you WORLDWIDE, depending where you are depends on shipping costs. Shipping costs can vary, from £1o to £100 depending on size & what you buy.

3. Can I commission you?

Yes, if it’s a subject similar to theme’s I’ve already painted. I don’t paint people’s children or pets. Horses yes but we’d have to really discuss that further.

4. Do you exhibit your work publically?

Yes, I mainly use very reputable art markets & fairs based around the North of England & a small selection of Galleries & agents, which you can see on my ‘upcoming dates’ page.

5. I saw your work on a magazine cover?

Saddleworth Monthly, Mossley Browser most probably. Although there are other random publications I forget the name of.

6. Can I use your image for promotional purposes?

No problem but not without my consent in the first instance. I welcome the use of my art if it fits in with my ethos & way of life.

7. Can I come & see your work (studio visits)?

Yes, just email. my email link is on the home page of this website.

8. Should I frame your work?

Absolutely. It makes a world of difference.

9. Where do you get your titles from?

Words just fall from the sky. I pick up on dialogue, words, phrases, song lyrics ALL the time. I save them in the back of my mind until the right painting presents itself to me. Basically artists steal everything.

10. Have you thought about painting…?

I probably have thought & think about every subject. Leave that side of the deal to me.

11. Where are you based?

North Manchester, UK

12. Do you paint plein air, on location?

No because the style in which i paint requires layers of washes & blocks of colour to dry beforehand. I’d have to camp with a tent, as oils take a long time to dry. What I do is, capture several images on a camera. I’ll use various compositions & peice them together like a collage. Sometimes I’ll use the skyline of one image & the architecture of another image.

There are no rules in art, that’s what’s so cool about it.

13. How do you describe your work?

I’m a contemporary impressionist that has big ideas about expressionism.

14. How long does it take to do a painting?

I honestly couldn’t say. Sometimes it’s a very quick process like half an hour or sometimes it’s days. I have to research the image then take several photographs. If people are in the painting, then I have to get them to stage it, like a Director of a film. Sometimes I can just get a quick snap and work around something spontanious. I also spend hours reviewing it afterwards. Then I might go back to it, for 5 minutes brush work. I might spend time visiting the location or view I want to paint and so it all adds up. It isn’t like fitting a kitchen or servicing a car engine. It’s more like magic!

15. Who are your influences?

Eric Drooker, Pete Stanaway, Kurt Jackson, Mungo Powney, in recent years but I grew up on the classics, like Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Macke etc

16. Would you be interested in showing your work in my public space?

If it feels like the right move for both of us — then yes. Email or call me (contacts page).